Post-punk synth band C-Beem releases video for ‘Tin Foil Hat’

Video Review

C-BEEM "Tin Foil Hat"

Review: C-Beem’s video for “Tin Foil Hat”–Single to be released mid-March 2021

Rock At Night is a sucker for anything that sounds ‘New Wave 80s’ or ‘Dark Wave’ so when we discovered this little gem “Tin Foil Hat” by Chris Mills AKA C-Beem, we were thrilled.  C-Beem debuted in April 2020 with an album Little Jet Angel and later Neon Gods, which introduced the singles “Tinseltown”, “Ed Straker Future”, and “Angel Hill.” The single for “Tin Foil Hat” will be released later in March.

Rock At Night says: With its very 80s synth beat, dreamy colored lights, C-Beem’s video pokes fun at “tinfoil hatters” by showing strings of hieroglyphics or “subliminal signs” .  Influences of Depeche Mode and Love and Rockets are detected in this song that pays homage to paranoia and conspiracy theorists. The lyrics say, “It doesn’t take a tinfoil hat to know they are coming!”  Like those who believe in the lizard people, the tin foil hatters conjecture, “no one believes in my reality.” With a very tongue-in-cheek approach yet spot on, “Tin Foil Hat” combines wit and charm–but with a post-punk beat.







Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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