Through a Global Outbreak, VEER Alternates a Rising and Falling Music Video, ‘Red Tide’


By Anthony Mclaude, Rock At Night Philly

Review:VEER’s single/video for “Red Tide”-December 20, 2020

VEER – Red Tide

On the unrelenting infectious steer of a worldwide outbreak, award-winning American hard rock band, VEER takes a dimly illuminated snapshot of what’s going on in our place of time and records its newly released single/music video, Red Tide from their upcoming album Soft Machines.

VEER, fronted by horror author Ronald Malfi, is an Amazon Top 100 album charter due to the launch of their December 1, 2018 album, Apocalyptic, Baby, was formed in early 2016 by four hook-a-licious rock heads, Ronald Malfi (songwriter), Jon Malfi (drummer), Ryan Fowler (lead guitarist), and Christian Mathis (bassist). While rising to the top without fall of the mid-Atlantic music scene that same year, they have also been awarded Best Rock Artist at the Maryland Music Awards. But the accolades didn’t fall there, as they then rose up to receive an award for Best Rock Song for their single, Come Clean, by the World Songwriting Awards.

Who are VEER? Check out their bio video

Red Tide, which became officially released on December 20, 2020, is a moody melodramatic record washed ashore with nothing but trouble on all streaming platforms, as well as a shadowy badass juxtapose music video to support the half light single. The music video, directed by Fear of Clowns filmmaker, Kangas Kahn, and engineered and co-produced by Steve Wright from one of the successful and creepy aggressed masked groups of the century, Slipknot, is an attention-grabbing visual aid along the foreboding Southwest Florida shore of a river at night. This “I’ve been here before” line is a familiar tide, revisiting history like a strung algal bloom anthem based on society’s current catastrophic events.

Hard devotees of the Annapolis, Maryland rockers will enjoy highlighting this energetic light of change, for better or for worse on the dock of 2021. VEER, among the mid-Atlantic elite have earned their place while working on new music and on a new album. In quarantine, a pocket of inspiration was found, and they’re eager to share this melancholic, yet hopeful chorus with their fans.








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