Danica Dye stuns with debut single ‘Falling Apart for You’

Danica Dye

By ANTHONY MCLAUDE, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Single Review: Danica Dye’s single “Falling Apart for You” – December 14, 2020

Danica Dye

Heartbroken? Dumped? Suffering from unrequited love? Or simply going through an old-fashioned breakup? Well, love hurts like a petty ex ticketing your downfall, and there’s no tiptoeing around the slightest sound of a broken heart. While some people might suggest women to stay in their place, one independent pop upstart, Danica Dye, sees no reason to ever hold her peace. The Belfry, Kentucky singer-songwriter ends 2020 and begins 2021 by expressing her feelings with last month’s debuting December 14th release of “Falling Apart for You,” a haunting and powerful ballad of relationship dysfunction.

In anticipation of embarking on her career in music, producer and best friend Vaeriel, whom she met while Twitch streaming cover songs, began directing original concepts behind Falling Apart For You, which Dye since has stated, “He is the main reason I have been working on music at home whereas before I met him, I didn’t have the resources or money to do so myself.”

Dye, stunning and living the American dream, lives to catch sight of her name basking in the sun’s glow, front and center stage. During the process of moving toward graduating Belfry High School in 2018, the “Falling Apart For You” singer then made history at the Big Sandy Idol Wildcard Competition, when she tied with Mykayla Daniels. “I didn’t win Big Sandy Idol,” she says, “But this was such a wonderful experience and I wish I could do it all over again. I gave it my all and inspired quite a few people along the way, so I kind of won anyway.” Since then, the excitement behind only a variety of onlookers in attendance has led a growing Dye hard fan base to stream her newly released debut single 5,000 times by a collective 2.2k listeners.

Falling Apart for You, is one of my favorite emerging popular songs that reminds me of the time I grew up listening to pop bands in the early-to-mid 2000s. A confrontation between a sacrificial loving woman who is “weak, broken, and down on her knees” on a silenced day-to-day basis after coping with the emotional abuse her then faithless lover has caused. Songwriting as intense loss, intense pain, intense joy, and intense celebration, the 20-year-old with a charming soulful voice of faith explains, “My entire life has been surrounded with music and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Through life’s unpredictable uppers and downers, she closes on a sobering note to legitimately let her emotions speak on what’s been on her mind after being played to strike back on her A game. What was once a burden, has now become a strength of an audience that after facing the challenges that she faced, they too, can rise from liberation of the past and preparation of the future. She’s no longer sweating the ballad about being “filled with regret and falling farther” – just a thriving woman whose inner 11-year-old scream, if given the chance to be asked in reference to the future, she wouldn’t have thought this dream of being a pop singer would come true. Perhaps, a heart torn into pieces is to thank? Danica Dye is better off without you.







Anthony Mclaude