Blackout Problems Spirals Down the Black Hole on Their New Album ‘DARK’

Blackout Problem

By Anthony Mclaude, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Review: Blackout Problem’s singles “Germany Germany,” “Dark”, and “Lady Earth” from their album Dark-Release date January 15, 2020

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Blackout Problem’s album ‘Drive’

It’s time for a barbaric bloodbath. Consider us drenched and entranced by the bloody bittersweet foray of Blackout Problems’s January 15, 2020 dark-pop release that bravely takes on political right-wing forces whose double-masked identities have been out of sight, but never out of mind on the album, Dark. Fair warning, it’s lovely but, God, does it strike where it hurts.

The title track, “Dark, is the third successive album from the Munich, Bavarian, German alt-rock band, and like all thought-provoking album starlets that dropped overnight to help rally fans, it is their first record to be published on a major label via Sony Music/Music for Nations.

Blackout Problems’s music video, “Dark”, which recently hit a million plays, is a prolific piece of political horror that walks the bloodstain line between commercial and alternative, drawing on aspects of rock, dance, pop, and even visual attributes of Lionsgate’s Jigsaw that reflects upon the band’s visual barbaric response to some of the alarming headlines of recent years, including worldwide populism – especially among Europe’s political right-wing engine, and in the United States, where it helped drive the Trump train.

Another single from the quartet that unshackled a lot of pent-up political aggressive teenage angst is “Germany, Germany,” a cut through with an attack of provocative lyricism such as, “We kidnap your children, we sleep with your daughters. Take all of your jobs and destroy monocultures.” This song takes aim at the troubled history of the band’s home country that resulted against the prejudices of the anti-refugee movement. The study of history to avoid past mistakes in the form of a song feels deep rooted like a paramount rose bush full of thorns now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union.

Meanwhile through Blackout Problems thought-provoking single, “Lady Earth,” it addresses an important call to an emergency of the self-destructive nature of the human race that seems to be the affected virus damaging our own planet. In these times of awfully corrupted politics and politicians, the track calls to action following the recently inflicted violence in America and at the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

In all parts, taken as a whole gloom and oppressive mood. The Dark album is an insightful social commentary with unpalatable truths taken in by a supportive young audience whose timelines will teach the next generation of the troubleshooting Munich-based alternative rockers and why they are called, Blackout Problems.

And here’s a bonus video from the album Dark….check out the song “Driveby.”

Anthony Mclaude

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK