Album Review: Ska band The Tellways’ – Out to the Cosmos

The Tellways

By Kevin Bergin, Rock At Night Melbourne, AU

Review: The Tellways’ album Out to the Cosmos-Digital release-December 2020 and vinyl release-March 1, 2021

Out to the Cosmos by The Tellways

Detroit ska band The Tellways’ album Out to the Cosmos is a lot of fun, and gets you moving.  Listening to the album brought me back 50 years to the sounds of the Ska bands we used to see in London. The era of music in the sixties abounded with Tamla Motown, Ska, Reggae and later Psychedelic Rock. Out to the Cosmos captures this magical period–and then some.

The Tellways is comprised of Rachel Stokes–vocals (she has a great range and a beautiful voice);  Eric Mazurak–guitar, keys, percussion, and vocals; Mike Freigruber–trombone; Roderick Jones–sax (simply amazing); James Hohner–bass; Ten–keys and trumpet; and Sean Catanese–drums.

The theme of the twelve tracks ranges from unrequited love, breaking hearts, and being out there–even a nod to Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke.  The album’s driving rhythm section is awesome with the brass weaving in and out gracefully.

Personally, the lyrics are not only moving but the songs are so good to dance to. Did I mention it is good driving music too?

Looking forward to hearing more from them and seeing them perform in Melbourne one day I hope!

A quick impression of the tracks

· Anxious – A comment on the state of our cities and how it plays out on us.

· Keeping Me Up – Beautiful song of lost love

· Believe Them the First Time – Inspired by Maya Angelou Poem, When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them

· I Don’t Need to Tell You – Love song

· Cool Hand Luke – Inspired by the Paul Newman movie Cool Hand Luke

· Let Me In – Amazing vocals in this love song

· Friendly – Love this!

· Closer – Hot!

· Space Force – Psychedelic journey

· Tellaway Stomp – Love this!

· You’re Really Something – Another love song

· Bow to Your Sensai–Bouncy fun!



Recorded, mixed and produced by Eric Mazurak at Super Tiger Studio
Illustrations by Rachael Stokes
Design and layout by James Hohner
Mastered by Oriel Barry @ Afar Music Group,
and Jesse Naus @ Red Caiman Studios

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Kevin Bergin

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