Texas blues/rock artist Griffin Holtby packs a punch in new video ‘This Ain’t Hell’

Griffin Holtby
Griffin Holtby

Rock At Night just discovered the music of 20 year-old, Dallas, Texas-based rock/pop/blues artist Griffin Holtby. He just introduced a video for the song “This Ain’t Hell” from a  new EP, The Hell Series, due out early 2021. 

Holtby states that “The Hell Series includes three songs I wrote during a period when I was really struggling.  My teen years were rough due to a personal identity crisis I experienced because of my adoption from Russia.  At that age, I couldn’t understand why I felt so bad about myself, but it was pain stemming from abandonment and attachment issues.  All I knew is that I was struggling to know who I was and where I came from and why I felt like I didn’t fit in.

Holtby has been consistently outspoken about his struggles with depression, anxiety and abandonment issues.  He was recently a part of the “Living with Purpose” program on iHeartRadio.  Holtby always reminds his teenage listeners, “If you feel like I did when I was 14, the most courageous thing you can do is to get help”.

Rock At Night says: Listen to the music of Griffin Holtby. This young man has a lot to say. Great depth. Great sound. Blues and rock from the heart.