Revolution from the Women’s Point of View

Shevonne & the Force

By Anita Stewart, Creative Director, Tampa, Florida

Rock at Night is woman-created and woman operated and we take great pride in the job we are all doing! We love being able to highlight the female artists that stand out and we wanted to give a few a say-so on their thoughts about changing the world, music and revolution. Women artists are largely treated by the music industry as being in second place but not these ladies! And if you ask them, they will always have something profound to say…

Shevonne & the Force

Shevonne Philidor is a well known artist in Tampa, Florida. She has appeared at festivals around the country and she works as a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, model and artist. You might have also seen her on Sofar Sounds videos and on TV shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent. She has an album you can check out on Spotify.

RAN: Our world is suddenly a very strange place. What do you do with your music to get people into a peaceful and less stressful vibe?

SHEVONNE: When it comes to music I always try to spread a message of love , fun & freedom to the audience. I know people are there to see me or to be entertained, they don’t want to think about stressful things. As an artist my only wish is to be that reminder to just let go, love and have fun!

RAN: Any kind of art is freedom of expression. How can music play a part in activism and revolution?

SHEVONNE: Art drives everything you see in this world! Music can be extremely liberating or have a rebellious feel, it’s always there for us at every moment and for every feeling. Like a soundtrack to life, there’s always a perfect song.

RAN: There are lots of barriers for females in this industry. What are some of the things female musicians have to do to get noticed?

SHEVONNE: Being a female in the industry can be difficult if you let it be. We must remember as women we were born creators! We create our opportunities! We create our art! We even create other humans! Loving yourself and being true to who you are creatively. Even if it’s complete — out of the box will always help you stand out and get noticed.

You can connect on the socials and read more about Shevonne at

Sydney Marteliz

Sydney Marteliz is a Tampa native and has sung back up for various bands, and is now a solo artist branching out to showcase her work at local venues and has performed at Sofar Sounds shows in the Southeast. She has an album coming out soon with some songs already released on Soundcloud.

RAN: How has life and career changed for you since the quarantine and the reawakening of activism in the world today?

SYDNEY: Life in general for me has changed since the quarantine, overall for the better. My 9-5 job has suffered, but on the other hand my music has thrived. The world is wearing its emotions on its sleeve, as an empath these emotions have fired me up to heal others in any way I can, music is definitely one of those ways. I am releasing my most favorite project ever in 2021 and the quarantine, along with the air of activism is in all the seams of the songs.

RAN: What can you do or have done to help these changes take place with your music?

SYDNEY: Since all this has happened, I have really tried to keep my heart in the community and let others know, whether it’s through a helping hand, protesting, or music…that we are all in this together.

RAN: Do you think that female musicians are “heard?” And if not, why? What makes your career path different from male musicians?

SYDNEY: Do I think female musicians are heard? Yes and no. I believe that we are in a societal  transition. When it comes to what a woman is, as a person and artist. I think that we need to get away from the thought process that a woman can’t be sexy or “provocative” and also have valid thoughts, opinions, and ideas. I do believe that my path as a female musician is different than a man’s musical journey. As a woman in any career, we must be protective of our energies and bodies…all the while keeping the balance between job, home life and dreams.

You can connect on the socials and read more about Sydney at:

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