Nic Snow Chillaxes with Cool Rhythm and Blues and Superbly Crafted Love Songs

Nic Snow at SOFAR-Photo by Shuvam DasGupta

By Journalist-Anita Stewart, Rock At Night Tampa, and Photographer-Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philly

Q&A with musician/songwriter Nic Snow

Nic Snow writes beautiful, heartfelt songs. That may sound cliche! But seriously, songs with poetic lyrics that are from his innermost and deepest feelings. Hailing from Newark, Delaware, he released his first album, “Alone” this year. He says “…every song I write or written has a story and message behind it that you will take away with you.”

Nic has also worked in theater and has had the honor to sing for President Obama and other notables. Definitely genre bending, you will hear elements of Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop and Neo Soul worked into beautiful ballads on his album. We all need more music like this! Music lovers are going to hear more from Nic Snow in the future!

Nic Snow-Photo by Shuvam DasGupta

RAN: When did you start performing and who inspired you in the very beginning? Is anyone else in your family musical?

Nic: I started performing at the age of six. My mom signed me up for a local talent show. My inspiration from the beginning has always been my father and Michael Jackson. My brother gave me a cassette tape of one of Michael’s albums at three years old and I have been fascinated ever since. I come from a musical family with all of my siblings singing and playing instruments.

Nic Snow. Photo by Shuvam DasGupta

RAN: How many instruments do you play and what are your favorites? What would you like to learn next?

Nic: I play piano. I love bass, strings (violin, cello, harp), and electric guitars and I would love to learn how to play guitar in the foreseeable future.

RAN: You are quite the songwriter and your songs are so good, they could really be performed in any genre. What is your formula for writing a song?

Nic: Thank you! I kinda roughly get a melody in my head and go from there. When I first begin to write I have to be alone so I can really immerse myself into the music. From there I round table conversations to express how those real-life experiences can translate into songs. I want to make sure I tell a story and my message is conveyed through the audience and I try to find the most efficient way to do so.

RAN: Do you also have a hand in the mixing and recording of your songs? If not, who is?

Nic: I do. I’m very much hands on. My producer tends to help me mix and when I am mixing in the studio (Occupy Studio) I am there for pretty much the whole process.

RAN: If you were not singing, songwriting or performing, what would you be doing? Tell us your hobbies and what you like to do in your off time.

Nic: If I was not singing or performing, I would probably be a computer programmer. I love technology and the way it functions. I have always been very tech savvy. I love traveling. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. Whether it’s a new country or new cities and even state parks because I love exploring!  I also love photography. I love capturing moments.

RAN: You did some Sofar Sounds shows in the past–a great organization for promoting independent artists. How was that experience for you?

Nic: I absolutely adore the Sofar shows. I love the intimacy and stripped-down aesthetic and ambiance of the shows. I’m missing it so much. Also, meeting and connecting with new artists at the Sofar shows is amazing. So much talent that ranges from so many walks of life. I am constantly in awe.

RAN: Name three artists and albums that you have in your app or player right now. And why?

Nic Stone. Photo y Shuvam DasGupta

Nic: Lawrence – Breakfast. I just discovered them not too long ago and this album is perfect. I love the use of horns and the originality of the music on this body of work. Tori Kelly – Inspired by True Events. I love Tori’s voice. This album specifically is such a perfect album. She can convey stories in a way that really evokes emotion. Billie Eilish – Don’t Smile at Me.  I was very late to get on board with Billie’s music. I heard “Bad Guy” and fell in love with it. While driving to Boston for a Sofar show I decided to explore her catalog and this album was such a breath of fresh air. Especially “Watch.”

RAN: What are some of the things you are doing differently regarding your career with the quarantine and political scene happening today?

Nic: I really have taken a step back to listen. Listening to all of the noise around us and becoming informed. I have been reading a lot as well. As of right now I am connecting with artists virtually a lot more. Zoom writing sessions. Joining different forums and conversations. I am just really trying to be present in the moment.

RAN: Where would you like to visit and perform next and why?

Nic: I would love to perform in California. I love the vibrant scene there. There’s so many different types of people. Also the weather of course!

RAN: What are your future plans? Another album? A tour later on?

Nic: I plan on re-releasing my album, “Alone.” I will have some unreleased tracks and remixes. I am also working on another album as well! There will definitely be an “Alone” tour!  It is in the works now!



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