A Yard of Blondes release ‘Live At Home’ EP

A Yard of Blondes EP-Live At Home-July 3, 2020–Via Golden Robot Records and Die Laughing Records

During this pandemic period a lot of musicians have been livestreaming and featuring new music videos created through the wonders of Zoom and Skype. Digital technology during the current social distancing has made the isolation tolerable and opened up a new way for “being together” while apart.  A prime example of this execution is the new release by Californian/French band A Yard of Blondes. The band is releasing today an EP Live At Home, which features some of their favorite hits as well as a cover of Julian Casablancas song “Pyramid of Bones”, which is extremely relevant in today’s climate in America. You can check out the song below sounds great, and even features a little spoon clacking for “bones” effect!

Rock At Night: A really hidden gem! Well-written and executed alt rock with a “heavy metal” touch. Fans of both will dig this!

Yard of Blondes: Burak Yerebakan: Guitar / Fanny Hill: Bass, Vocals, / Vincent Jacob: Vocals, Guitar / Forrest Mitchell: Drums/ Vocals

EP-Live At Home

1. Pyramid of Bones

2. Lowland

3. Murderology

4. You and I & I









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