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It all started with an idea.

The year was 2014. We gathered a network of devoted music journalists and photographers from around the world to collaborate. All had one thing in common—love for music and storytelling. Since its inception, Rock At Night’s online magazine has covered thousands of shows, aired over 100 podcasts, and along the way, created life-long friendships. From the beginning, we gave same deference to small indie bands as the rock stars, covering bands in both hole-in-the-wall, musty clubs and large palatial arenas. It’s been one long joy ride and the fulfillment of a teenage dream.

The year 2020 has given pause for reflection. During this Pandemic, we are going back to a simpler time. DIY. Basics. It shouldn’t be trendy or retro to call a friend, reconnect with the earth, and expand one’s creative horizons. In the midst of chaos and turmoil, we have been granted the gift of time. The pause button has been set on the VCR of life.
I believe people are longing for tangible items. So many newspapers and magazines are digital yet there’s something special about holding a magazine, smelling the fresh paper and ink. As part of this nostalgic trend, Rock At Night is finally going to be issuing print magazines along with digital versions.

With the 6-foot rules and mandatory isolation, the stop button has been pressed on live concerts. During this period, the music industry has maintained viability through livestreaming and social media. Bands are producing real-time shows from their living room couches, stripping back songs to accompaniment and voice. Music is alive and well—just not “live” in the traditional sense. Albums, EPs, and singles are being released. While others halted coverage of music, Rock At Night has been feverishly reviewing new music and interviewing musicians.

Our inaugural print issue is entitled “The Pandemic Issue” which examines this unprecedented period. Promoters speak out about the effects of festival cancellations and offer their predictions on the future of live music. We have interviews with musicians from Australia, U.S., and Wales. There are reviews of new releases as well as a gaze back at the history of rock ‘n’ roll. We peered back at the iconic venue City Gardens, which supported the likes of Nirvana, Dead Kennedys, and even metal band Slaughter back in its heyday.

Rock At Night continues to support independent bands and report news of old favorites. We like edgy. We like weird. We like international. Like people’s musical taste, we want to offer many flavors to our readers. Like you, we work during the day but ROCK AT NIGHT!

Chyrisse P. Tabone, Ph.D.

Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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