Chatting with Ezequiel Mosqueira of SangriLa

Ezequiel Mosqueira SangriLa

By Andrea Maciolek, Rock At Night New Jersey

SangriLa is a rock band from Argentina currently residing in Mexico City. The band consists of brothers Ezequiel and Jose Mosqueria, Luis Montoya, Charlie Jean, and Alex Escobedo. Their musical strength is creating powerful anthemic songs, and visually appealing music videos. Rock at Night officially premiered the band’s latest video, “El Tiempo” last night and there is absolutely no stopping them. The band is working hard on their upcoming album and we can’t wait to hear what’s in store for these rising superstars. The music of SangriLa comes straight from the heart and you can feel it. Rock At Night had the chance to sit down with singer Ezequiel Mosqueira for an in-depth interview.

In the interview we talk about life in Mexico, how the COVID-19 virus has affected their music and live shows. We also talk about the meaning of some of the songs from their first album and of course, the release of their latest video “El Tiempo”.

You can listen to the  Spanish interview below.


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English Translation

RAN: Hi, Eze! How are you?

EM: I’m very good. Thank you so much for the interview.

RAN: How did you end up in Mexico?

EM: I had an opportunity here in Mexico. I took the adventure and things with the band went very well here. We were able to replicate the band here in Mexico with Mexican musicians and I guess you can now say we are an Argen-Mex band.

RAN: Argen-Mex, that’s a good one! Tell me a little bit about your current album.

EM: We released an album a few years ago in Argentina with an editorial from Warner called, Your Hell, My Eternal Paradise. You can find it on all streaming platforms. Here in Mexico we were in contact with a producer, a friend of ours Pablo Amahd. We started working with him in what will be our second album.We released our first single a few days ago called “El Tiempo” (The Time), and the truth, I am very happy with the reception we’ve been receiving from it. The Corona Virus has made it a little difficult but yes, we were able to  work through a story line for the new video.

RAN: How many members are there in the band?

EM: We have Jose, my brother, we are the founders of the band. He is on guitar and I am the vocalist. Accompanying us are three friends. Luis on guitar, Alex on bass, and Charlie on drums.

RAN: I have a list of some of my favorite songs from the last album that I would like to know more about. Let’s start with the song “Sin Ayuda” (Without Help).

EM: It’s a song we enjoy a lot. The song is very dynamic with a lot of energy. It’s a profound song about how the band grew in Argentina. In reality when we were able to release our first album we felt that SangriLa was not only made up of just band members but it is also made up of the artists who work with us, the people who handle our social media, our manager. There is a team of 15-20 people behind us and we have a strong dedicated team which allows us to go on without further help.

RAN: Next song, “Sudando Sangre” (Sweating Blood).

EM: The song symbolizes the hard work that is required to move forward when you have a specific talent, or craft. For example our album artist had to put in a lot of work translating the visual context and universe of the characters in our album.

RAN: El Eco de “Mi Locura” (The Echo of My Madness).

EM: The song starts acoustic and transitions into an explosive sound. It’s a theme that speaks about the history of Argentina and the military dictatorship. You can hear audio snippets of dictators in the background speaking during the Falkland War era in Argentina.

Photo: Courtesy of SangriLA

RAN: How is the food in Mexico?

EM: The food in Mexico is beautiful and delicious. What I like about Mexico when I first arrived is their tradition of enjoying foods with your hands like tacos, burritos. There is an enjoyment about making contact with the food you are eating with your hands as well as the visually appealing colors in the food. Spicy food was a bit difficult since Argentina is not big on spicy foods but you get used to it in time. Beer, tequila, and mezcal are obligatory.

RAN: How are the effects of the Corona virus in Mexico?

EM: The government did not place a mandatory quarantine. People are able to go out but about 60-80% of the population are taking precaution. Day by day you are seeing more people out and about because they can’t be too long without work. Bands are really not playing out and we had to cancel some dates.

RAN: What are your musical influences?

EM: Oasis, The Strokes. We like British rock a lot as well as Mexican rock.

RAN: Any plans on touring the United States?

EN: Yes, definitely. It is a dream we have but we have to finish our rounds here in Mexico first and waiting patiently for music venues to reopen.

RAN: How popular is rock music in Mexico?

EM: Latin American rock is popular, there is a lot of traction. There are genres that are more in style like Reggaeton, or reggae, but rock has a big following such as in places like here in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Rock music has its niche and people are always on top of rock music trends and new bands.

RAN: So life in Mexico is good?

EM: What I love about Mexico is its people. They accept you with open arms and live a beautiful social life. They are full of happiness and you can feel that energy. It is a beautiful country with a lot of culture and music.

SangriLa are: Ezequiel Mosqueira (vocals), Jose Mosqueira (guitar), Luis Montoya (guitar), Alex Escobedo (bass), Charlie Jean (drums)

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Check out SangriLa’s latest video, “El Tiempo”






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