Every Picture Tells a Story: Meeting Phil Collins

José playing soccer with Phil Collins. Photo by Elisabeth Oliveira. (1978)

By José Oliveira,  Rock At Night Editor EU

José staying safe during the pandemic

Editor’s Note: José Oliveira is Rock At Night Editor EU. Jose has been interviewing and photographing rock stars since the early-1970s–and he has many, many interesting stories to tell! He had the privilege of playing soccer with Phil Collins, meeting Frank Zappa on several occasions, and having lunch with Leonard Cohen–to name a few. People have been requesting for him to write down a memoir of stories for years, but he decided to create a series of videos for Rock At Night. Each week, José will have a different story to tell. Today’s story: MEETING PHIL COLLINS at the SAARBRUCKEN SUMMER OPENAIR FESTIVAL, Germany, on September 3, 1978.


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