Liily, a band you must keep on your music radar

All it took was one video of Liily to capture my attention. The band knows the true meaning behind true rock ‘n’ roll energy. Their raucous and young adrenaline is purely reminiscent of the early Who years, and not to mention, their powerhouse drummer is absolute poetry in motion. Check them out below:

Liily is an alternative rock & roll band born and bred in Los Angeles. Liily’s music draws on all the jagged stimuli of their upbringings to make something distinctly their own. It is a sound that invokes some of their genre’s greatest forebearers (Jane’s Addiction, Foals) and the massive heavy riffs of Rage Against the Machine.  

The band is led by vocalist Dylan Nash, guitarist and lead visual artist Sam De La Torre, bass player Charlie Anastasis, and Maxx Morando, a drummer who may simply play faster and harder than any drummer on the planet and who is the lynchpin behind Liily’s memorably visceral live performances.   

Nearly one year from the release of their first single “Toro,” the band has traveled nonstop across the US, UK, & EU, with slots at Lollapalooza, Shaky Knees and Bonnaroo. Their first EP I Can Fool Anybody In This Town was released in March of 2019. They followed the release with a live concert documentary entitled CITY/VALLEY: a Concert Film of the Brekfest Festival documenting the band’s own homegrown festival Brekfest, a now annual event created by the band and their label in LA.  

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