Josie Cotton releases single ‘Every Day Like Christmas’

Photo by Albert Sanchez

“My publisher hilariously told me it was a Christmas emergency that I write a Christmas song so I attempted to do that with more than a little trepidation,” says musical legend JOSIE COTTON about her surprise Christmas song “Every Day Like Christmas” released today, December 13, 2019 via Kitten Robot Records.  “It was important to me to give it meaning and not be horribly corny or too Pollyanna-ish about the state of the world. Yet keep the feeling of wonder about it all.”

Thankfully, “Every Day Like Christmas” is neither of those things. The classic sounding holiday track reflects a pastiche of supreme Spector magic that only someone like Josie can deliver authentically and without nostalgic artifice. Bottling fizzy girl group pop with a splash of New Wave neon, she sings, “Christmas could be every day / with peace cross the land / That’s how it’s supposed to be / The brotherhood of man.”  At once, a ‘peace on earth’ sentiment and also a subtle critique on the state of the political climate, she avoids being preachy while still spreading festive sparkle.

A fan of this season, she remembers fondly, “My first memory on Earth was Christmas morning. It was cold and dark and everyone was asleep. I remember so clearly standing under this glittering, magical tree of colored lights and angels and I knew I was alive in that moment . I was two years old.”


A celebrated artist whose musical output spans decades, Josie first came to acclaim with her massive international singles “Johnny Are You Queer?”, “Jimmy loves Maryanne” and “He Could Be The One” in the 80s. Her recently released album Everything Is Oh Yeah! has been hailed by All Music who said, “Cotton’s voice is a thing of wonder that’s alternately heartbreakingly sincere and gum-snappingly playful, the songs are endlessly frothy and fun, and the overall joyous spirit can’t be ruined by less than perfect production,” and Highwire Daze who said, “Josie Cotton remains a creative force ready to set the imagination in flight.”

With more music set for release in 2020 and an upcoming concert + movie screening of Valley Girl (the iconic 1983 teen flick that launched hers and Nicholas Cage’s careers) on Friday, December 20th at Minneapolis, MN’s The Parkway Theater, Josie has no plans of slowing down.  But for now, she’s celebrating the holiday season.  “Christmas carols are why I became a singer,” she smiles. “The message for me is universal …that we are all connected. And that’s a beautiful thing if we don’t burn the mother down.”

“Every Day Like Christmas” is available now.

Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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