The Laurence Jones Band Turns Up The Heat In Hackney!

Laurence Jones

By Erik De’Viking, Rock At Night London

Venue: Oslo in Hackney, London-November 23, 2019-Laurence Jones Band and Matt Pearce

Laurence Jones

 It’s late autumn, and the spectre of winter can be felt at every turn. In a quiet little corner of London, the Laurence Jones Band is set to give every blues lover in attendance a bit of a winter warmer. Playing at the Oslo in Hackney, LJ and his stellar band are set to light up the night with a blistering evening of contemporary blues-rock.

Matt Pearce

Opening the night was Matt Pearce who put on a classic set of blues-rock from their latest album, which really got the crowd fired up for the main event. Matt gave us a bit of sweet slide action on third song, ‘Gotta Go Home’, and ‘Set Me Free’ was one of the standout songs of their set. Both songs have had airplay on radio, and it’s clear to understand why when you hear them.

LJ put on a scintillating performance of new songs from current eponymous album (released this September), and a number of fan favourites throughout his career. One of the standout moments of the set was the acoustic performance of ‘Long Long Lonely Ride’, which took us into the midpoint of this Incredibly tight set.

Laurence Jones

Not content with leaving it there, LJ treated us to a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’, he broke into ‘Miss You by the Stones’ on the solo, before bringing it back around to bring the song to an electrifying close. Bringing things down a notch, he played a gospel infused rendition of his classic ‘Thunder I’m the Sky’.

Rounding the night off with a cover of his hero Eric Clapton, LJ performed a killer cover of ‘Before You Accuse Me’, before finishing on ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’, and the encore of ‘Live It Up’. Basking in the glow of the rapturous crowd, the ever-humble LJ seemed positively moved by the reaction from the crowd. What a superb end to a fantastic night of blues music.

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I’m Waiting


Wipe Those Tears Dry

Beautiful Place

Quite Like You

Heart Is On Fire


Long Long Lonely Ride (Acoustic)

Take Me

What Would You Do

All Along The Watchtower

Thunder In The Sky

Before  You Accuse Me

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Live It Up

For more info on upcoming shows, check out the Laurence Jones Band website and get your tickets while you still can!


Matt Pearce
Erik De'Viking

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