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The Laurence Jones Band

By Chyrisse Tabone, ROCK AT NIGHT Tampa

Album Review: Laurence Jones Band-self-titled album-Release date September 27, 2019

When I saw Laurence Jones Band had a new album coming out, I thought it would be a blues album like his 2016 release The Truth.  Boy, I was so wrong—and pleasantly surprised with the turn the band has taken. From the get-go, listening to “Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright”, it was definitely a blues-rock song, with a retro feel, blues organ accompaniment, and back-up harmonies. I was completely blown away with the uplifting and almost gospel feel of the song, thinking this is really an anthem of love and hope—we can make it!


Laurence Jones Band-self-titled album

The album continues with a very blues-rock or even 70s rock feel, with its solid song-writing structure, meaningful lyrics, and “full” sound.  The engineering and mixing of the album is phenomenal, with the perfect balance of vocals and instruments.  Also, listening to the new release, I feel Laurence Jones’ voice is really made to sing rock music. His singles “I’m Waiting” and “Stay” carry that hard, classic rock sound that I love. “Wipe Those Tears Dry” has a funky rock guitar groove, as does “Quite Like You” (and not to mention a hint of disco).   “Low Down” is another uplifting song that is danceable with a one-two Motown beat.

Laurence Jones Band doesn’t steer away from blues altogether because “Mistreated” has that good, down-home nasty feel as well as “Long Long Lonely Ride.”  Every blues-rock album most have a couple of love songs or ballads to light the fire—and “Beautiful Place” and “The Love” can do the trick during that “date night” candlelit dinner.

It’s really one of those “feel good” albums

A really pleasant surprise was a cover of The Beatles “Day Tripper”—and Laurence Jones Band makes it their own with its funky bass line and slower tempo.  I love what they did with the song!

Overall, the album really drew me in! It is one of those “feel good” albums that belongs in everyone’s collection.  Listen to it on a Monday morning driving to work, and it will pick you up!

Laurence Jones Band is comprised of Laurence Jones(vocals and guitar), Phil Wilson(drums), Bennett Holland(keyboard) and Greg Smith(bass).

Laurence Jones Band–Track listing

1.Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

2.Wipe Those Tears Dry

3.I’m waiting



6.Quite Like You

7.Long Long Lonely Ride

8.Beautiful Place

9.Low Down

10.Day Tripper

11.Heart Is On Fire

12.The Love

Recorded in Miami, FL, USA: Top Stop Music & GML Recording Studios

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