Review of Palm Ghosts’ single ‘Bells’: very 80s, dreamy, dark pop

Palm Ghosts

Rock At Night just listened to Nashville-based Palm Ghosts’ single “Bells” and WOW!  It hearkened me back to the dark post-punk and 80s music I grew up with! I love it when a Millennial band captures the sound of that era, which was rich of electro-infused, dreamy, dark pop.  “Bells” makes me think of Tears for Fears or perhaps some of the emo bands from the early-1990s.  “Bells” appeals to both the underground audience of clubbers but also could have some cross-over appeal to save us from the bland alt-rock hits played on FM radio. I can’t wait to hear the full album–whenever it should come out!

Palm Ghosts has actually been around for awhile, having self-released three records before signing on with Golden Robot Records.  Their third album and last release Architecture (2017) showed the band’s sound had found its home in the self-described “dreamy psych pop” area, however, it sounds pure gloriously New Wave to me.

PALM GHOSTS is Joseph Lekkas, Ben Douglas, Jason Springman and Rene Lambert.

Palm Ghosts

Palm Ghost’s last single:

From their last album Architecture





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