The Skiffle Players new album “Skiff” out today

Skiffle Players photographed at Sweetwater in the Sun at Stafford Lake Park in Novato, CA September 23, 2018 © Jay Blakesberg

The Skiffle Players released their new studio album Skiff  via West coast label Spiritual Pajamas today.  The band features Neal Casal, Dan Horne, Cass McCombs, Farmer Dave Scher and Aaron Sperske. With this latest 13 song release  all the band members contribute to the writing and singing which makes this album different from previous releases. For Farmer Dave and Neal Casal, this is the first time they are contributing songs to an album and as Farmer Dave puts it, “It’s a float down the river of song—an attitude, a way of life, an offering.”

“Local Boy” is the album’s first single. It is a bluesy, rock song taking us on a wild run from the cops. As a Tom Petty fan myself, the album sounds a little  like something out of a Mudcrutch album. Although I admit I am not versed in “skiffle” history, this album is very well balanced  with acoustic dance songs that can rock or make you sit back and enjoy a musical drive.

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The Skiffle Players ‘Skiff’ is out October 26 via Spiritual Pajamas on
Limited Edition Clear Smoke Blue Vinyl, Standard Black Vinyl, CD & Digital Formats

Track Listing:

1. “Cara”
2. “Local Boy”
3. “You’ll Miss It When It’s Gone”
4. “The Law Offices Of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe”
5. “Wham!”
6. “Long Horns, Long Necks, Long Legs”
7. “Herbamera”
8. “Los Angeles Alleyway”
9. “Skiffleman”
10. “Harsh Toke” 
11. “Oakland Scottish Rite Temple Waltz”
12. “Santa Fe”
13. “Sweet Georgia Brown”



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