Skyward Story release single ‘New Beginnings’

Skyward Story

Baltimore-based pop-rockers Skyward Story have premiered their latest single, “New Beginnings” today- a light, fun, and heartfelt song, the pop jam is centered around young love; a breath of fresh air, the feeling of starting over- a new beginning. “Nobody remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep” the lyrics proclaim, harkening back to the first time any of us were in love, or just young and wanting to do anything and everything.

The video plays on the theme of the single with a young couple’s love story as they fight the changes that come with growing up. The end shows the couple no longer together but happy as they remain friends and begin the next part of their lives.

Baltimore pop rock trio Skyward Story has an undeniable and captivating spirit. That spirit is easy to see in their genuine and dynamic performances and even easier to hear in their new, unmistakably catchy pop rock sound, borrowed from their pop punk roots. Finding this unique sound has just been a part of their journey in discovering their true identity. The upcoming release is an exciting new page for Skyward Story, bringing their sound to the leading edge of today’s trends and destined to turbocharge their fan base and reach countless new fans.

Formerly known as 3PM, the group developed a large dedicated following through tireless grassroots efforts, selling over 25,000 copies of their album “Slow Me Down.” During their time on the Warped Tour, “Slow Me Down” peaked on the Billboard charts at #27 Top Rock Albums, #2 National Heatseekers, #18 Alternative and #19 Independent. Looking to the future, the members felt their time as 3PM had come to a close, and that they had evolved into something greater. Together, Brandon Millman (drummer) and Scott Montgomery (guitarist) turned to social media to add a new vocalist, finding Aaron O’Connor (lead vocals) on Twitter, ushering in this new era of Skyward Story

With many looking to see what they would do next, the band spent countless hours working on taking their music to the next level and emerged with a style all their own. Their writing attracted the attention of multi-platinum producer Matt Squire, who has produced breakout records for artists such as One Direction, Panic! at the Disco, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato. Skyward Story and Squire worked together for a whole year and the group has emerged with an album destined for greatness.




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