Album Review: London Plane’s ‘New York Howl’

By Lloyd Wakeling,  Rock At Night Manchester

Album Review: London Plane’s New York Howl–Release date May 25, 2018

I’ve never been to New York, but listening to London Plane and their debut album New York Howl reminded me that I have been missing out on an experience that warranted a swift remedy. Saturated in blissful electro guitar melodies that dance deliciously with vocals and  lyrics of an era gone by, yet not forgotten. The backstory of a discarded case and a found diary  intermingled with a love letter to New York works  brilliantly– and all I could do was imagine myself, head  phones on exploring the streets, alleys and life that is New York. David Mosey with Cici James have created a debut of memories I trust in and wholly believe.

Storytelling in song is not always easy and many a lyric it can get lost in the mechanics of self obsession but ‘New York Howl’ delivers a fabric of interlocking, atmospheric prose that scarily breathe on their own, some dark,  some not, but breathe they do. Over and over I listened and fell in love. Music is like that, it can hit you hard and sometimes an album slaps you more than most,  As I write this, Cici is telling me ‘it keeps getting better ‘ and well, she’s right! If debuts are any indication of a bands  calling, I await the emotions of a second course with bated breath.