Reignwolf: bringing blues rock to Liverpool


By Steve Sty Jones-Rock At Night Manchester.

Venue: Liverpool Arts Club Loft-November 1, 2019–Reignwolf with Valeras

On a sodden Friday night in Liverpool, three bands lit up the stage of The Arts Club Loft. Unfortunately, Liverpool Parr Street Car Park isn’t quite up to speed with the rest of the country just yet, as the vending machine only accepts coins. Who has shrapnel these days?? Therefore, after parking up into quite a tight spot and feeling very content with the manoeuvring, I had to jump back into the car and find another car park.  


The point I’m getting at is, by the time I had parked up, queued up to pay for the car park, and finally got myself into the Arts Club, I only caught the last two songs of Standin’ Man. A big shame, because what I heard was really good. These guys are very similar to The Verve, projecting that British vibe we heard through Oasis and the like. Standin’ Man went down really well from what I saw. 

The Arts Club as a venue is pretty cool, with two floors. Tonight we were upstairs. The upstairs room had a classic intimate venue feel. The bar area just behind it was like being in someone’s living room with it’s huge fire place. The one down point of this venue is that you could hear and feel the band below playing when the band you were watching stopped, and it was loud and distracting. 


But back to the evening’s second band, Valeras, whom met in 2013 in the Reading Rock Academy. They were pretty decent. A very young quartet spinning out good vibes with their infectious pop rock. They are a tight live unit. 

Reignwolf, were up next promoting their debut album ‘Hear Me Out’, and they were something else. Their unique slow-blues rock with hints of Led Zeppelin mesmerised me. Jordan Cook’s brilliant guitar playing has to be seen, soloing with his guitar over his head, the way he holds his effect mike whilst still playing the guitar with his other hand and standing on a single bass drum amazing stuff indeed. They are tight; they play brilliantly catchy blues numbers with a filthy guitar sound and even though the venue is packed out. A band like Reignwolf shouldn’t be playing a venue this small. 

Reignwolf are going to get big. I can feel it, sense it. Watch this space. An amazing performance.