Deep Purple & The Long Good-bye Tour: hopefully not the final good-bye!

Deep Purple

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa and London

Venue: O2 Arena, London, UK–November 23, 2017–Deep Purple, Europe, and Cats in Space–THE LONG GOODBYE TOUR

Ian Gillan

Deep Purple initiated the Long Goodbye Tour in May 2017 to promote its 20th studio album Infinite, which was released on April 7, 2017. Although the band has hinted it is their last tour, many hope it is not!  The Long Goodbye Tour is currently in South America and will continue around the world until July 14, 2018.

Cats In Space

Rock At Night caught up with Deep Purple in London at the O2 Arena, one of Europe’s largest arena’s, with a capacity of 20,000, and considered the “busiest” in the world, more than Madison Square Gardens.  Prior to the Deep Purple concert, which was supported by retro-rockers Cats in Space and Swedish 80s heavies Europe (“The Final Countdown”), the pubs surrounding the arena were buzzing with Deep Purple hits and Baby Boomers sporting concert t-shirts.  There was a definite air of excitement as many bought tickets “just in case” this was “really the last tour.” Many of the pub-goers were trading old concert experience stories and sloshing down the Guinness before the concert, which started at 8:15 p.m.

The first band on the agenda was Cats in Space which turned out music with a definite classic rock feel. The “cats” looked the part, wearing 70s looking frocks, and did a bang-up job at warming up the crowd, who were still sauntering into the venue and finding their seat. This was no stand-up concert but folding chairs had been placed on the floor for the somewhat mature crowd.

Joey Tempest of Europe

The band Europe was definitely rocking and lead singer Joey Tempest was animated, twirling his microphone stand, and humoring photographers by vogueing for the camera.  He was a joy to photograph and the band reminded us they are beyond being a one-hit-wonder but a band with staying power of over 30 years!

Finally up on the stage was the classic rock icon Deep Purple!  I remember watching the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Awards in 2016 and thinking “It is about goddamn time these guys were inducted!” They wrote the book!  At any rate, the audience seemed to be lapping it up as Ian Gillan walked around with his microphone while Steve Morse and Roger Glover paced around, trading riffs and licks.  Ian Paice was absolutely killer on the drums and we cannot forget the distinct keyboard riffs of Don Airey.  Great show, guys! Let’s not make it the last tour!


DEEP PURPLE: Time for Bedlam, Fireball, Bloodsucker, All I Got Is You, Uncommon Man, The Surprising, Lazy, Birds of Prey, Knocking at Your Back Door, Perfect Strangers, Space Truckin’, Smoke on the Water….ENCORE: Peter Gunn, Hush, Black Night

EUROPE: Walk the Earth, The Seige, Rock the Night, Last Look At Eden, Election Day, Superstitious, Carrie, Scream of Anger, War of Kings, Hole in my Pocket, Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Final Countdown

CATS IN SPACE: Too Many Gods, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Greatest Story Never Told, Five Minute Celebrity,

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