The Struts cheer up their homeland fanbase with an outstanding show

The Struts

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Electric Ballroom, Camden, London – 18th September 2017 

The Struts

Another busy year for The Struts starting with a new EP , touring with The Foo Fighters, a new single, and opening for The Who with an audience of over 80,000 people– and on the top of it all,  kicking off an epic autumn tour at London’s Electric Ballroom. I hear the winners marching.

With a pretty remarkable resume, England’s now Los Angeles-based ‘shit-hot’ glam-rock heroes are continuing to hit the stage, having moved their show from Islington’s The Garage to the more spacious Camden’s Electric Ballroom, due to the high demand from the fans! This time they played at home.

Significant preparations were taken for the London fanbase, amongst others, included in their playlist ‘Supersonic’ by Oasis, and many more from a Spotify playlist put together by the fans, which was announced on their twitter page few days before the gig. This was supposed to be taken seriously because it has been a long time since their last show in London town!

The Struts

With a strong start performing “Put Your Hands Up”,  the band exploded onto the stage.  I just realised these guys actually have some really tunable songs to perform! This feeling went on until the end of the show. Did I mention the frontman reminds me of the late Freddy Mercury including voice and mannerism? I am sure I am not the only one to think this way.

Luke Spiller, the frontman, confidently steered the crowd easily, as a mastermind of a showman. He played with them, was clearly enjoying himself, and the audience loved it. He is a natural clown on his own, and that’s what a stage needs.

As the crowd was tuned up,  Luke noted, “Guys seriously. This show means so much to us. Not only cause the familiar faces all around, but also we’ve got our friends and family Ladies and Gentlemen!”

The awaited encore brought back more tunes and extra red fashionable red coats for the band members, knowing Luke Spiller is into fashion the hardcore way.  The show closed with “Could Have Been Me” and “Where did she go?”, which included an elongated “goodbye” as fans continued cheering.

Spiller remarked, “Seriously, thank you so much for coming, Ladies and Gentlemen!”

The Struts: Luke Spiller (lead singer), Jed Elliot (bass), Adam Slack (guitar), Gethin Davies (drums)


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