The Dead Daisies Rock Atlanta To Its Foundations

The Dead Daisies

By Steve Neff, Rock At Night Orlando Correspondent

Doug Aldrich

With so many bands vying for your attention these days, it’s a difficult endeavor for a fan of classic rock to find anything that seems to satisfy these days. When there seems to be no one out there to touch that classic rock nerve of yours, you default back to the only thing you have, your classic rock album collection. How often have you done that? Quite a lot I’d say.

So when a special band like The Dead Daisies comes along, a band that you don’t see the likes of that often in a post classic rock era; your pulse rate starts to speed up in response to their “in your face” brand of rock and the precision by which they bring it.  Their meticulous detail to playing is even more impressive live, where John Corabi’s voice is unleashed, taking you back to those classic rock days, while at the same time bringing something new and organic. They have the rock swagger of a band that’s been around a long time and no wonder; with each of the five members bringing with them extensive experience from having previously worked with some of rock’s best bands. It is that vast experience that makes The Dead Daisies so successful as a collective unit.

Marco Mendoza

The Dead Daisies was a collaborative musical machine formed in 2012 by David Lowy. Since its inception, this powerhouse has gone on to produce three studio albums, two EPs, and thirteen singles; and according to the band’s brilliant lead guitarist Doug Aldrich, the band will be going back in the studio this year for work on a new album which will be out early next year.

Their live show appeal has garnered attention throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and beyond. The Dead Daisies went into the history books as the first western band to play Cuba following the Obama administration’s reopening of the trade ties.

The band’s presence in North America continues to grow and they embarked on their first headlining tour across the states known as The Dirty Dozen Tour. The Dirty Dozen Tour brought The Dead Daisies to Atlanta’s Masquerade, the closest city and one state up from this writer.

John Corabi

There are three clubs/parts to The Masquerade: Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. For The Dead Daisies concert, fans and concert goers were subjected to the dark and hot temperatures of Hell. It was pure rock and roll bliss. The Dead Daisies served up a hot, sixteen track setlist. The band’s energy and connection with the crowd only increased the heat, bringing it to a feverish intensity and prompting John Corabi to ask that Hell’s a/c be cranked up.

Prior to The Dead Daisies taking the stage, The Dives and local sensation BSOL [Back Side Of Life] provided impressive support as openers. The crowd commented on the quality of these bands’ music and both provided lengthy setlists of their own.

I missed some of the opening bands live shows as I had the pleasure of a sit down interview with lead guitarist Doug Aldrich. Our exclusive interview can be found HERE.

Aldrich is humble and soft spoken, as much of a student of the guitar as he is the teacher. Many influences have shaped and molded his musical journey that began when he was eleven. His axes of choice in Atlanta included a Gibson Les Paul and ESP guitars respectively. The guitar is what speaks for Aldrich and his playing is a masterpiece of rock and roll beauty. Bravo.

A night in Hell with The Dead Daisies was something that brought my musical pulse rate back from the proverbial dead and had everyone in attendance on an intense ride of rock life support the entire show.

The Dead Daisies Setlist In Hell

  1. Long Way To Go
  2. Mexico
  3. Make Some Noise
  4. Song And A Prayer
  5. Fortunate Son
  6. We All Fall Down
  7. Last Time I Saw The Sun
  8. Drum Solo
  9. Join Together
  10. All The Same
  11. With You And I
  12. Band Intros
  13. Mainline
  14. Devil Out Of Time
  15. Helter Skelter
  16. American Band
  17. Midnight Moses

Band Lineup

David Lowy-Rhythm Guitar

Marco Mendoza-Bass

Brian Tichy-Drums

John Corabi-Lead Vocals

Doug Aldrich-Lead Guitar

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