The PAT MCMANUS Band stopped by Eastern France at Woodstock Guitares

Pat McManus

By Rosine Alleva, Journalist/Photographer-Rock At Night France

Venue : Woodstock GuitaresEnsisheim-April 2017 

Pat McManus

Pat McManus (The Professor) is the guitarist/violinist virtuoso of the former MAMA’S BOYS from the eighties and CELTUS from the nineties. The ‘Pat McManus Band’ is a powerful Blues/Rock trio. The line-up includes Pat and 2 other Irish musicians: Marty McDermott on Bass and Backing Vocals and Paul Faloon on Drums

Sally McManus

I interviewed the band in 2012 already and was very pleased to see the musicians again, as well as Sally, Pat McManus wonderful wife, when they came to Woodstock Guitares. PAT McMANUS BAND is an excellent live band, and I was a bit sad I couldn’t stay for the concert this time unfortunately…After greeting them all, I still had the opportunity to assist to the soundcheck!

The Professor’s dexterity, charisma, were omnipresent on stage. Pat McManus fingers were running up and down his fretboard, followed by his amazing rhythm session, the bassist Marty McDermott and drummer Paul Faloon

What an awesome trio!! I loved it when Pat took the violin, it was such a magnificent moment. It was hard to leave.

Pat McManus toured with Gary Moore throughout Europe. Inspired by this special Irish touch, he wrote him the song “Belfast Boy” shortly after he passed away, one of the highlights of their new album.

Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore are pioneers the band pays tribute to, and are part of Pat biggest influences. 

The Pat McManus Band is touring Europe with its new live release “Live Along The Highways”. The title says it all, the album has been recorded throughout various European gigs. Last June 2nd, like every year, the trio (part of the headline acts) performed at the famous International Rory Gallagher Festival in Ballyshannon.

I hope to see them again soon, and be able to assist to their concert next time! If they come to your town, this is something not to miss, moments of magical music!!

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Pat McManus Band Belfast Boy”& more at Rory Gallagher Festival 



Pat McManus – Guitar, Violin and Vocals

Marty McDermott – Bass and Backing Vocals

Paul Faloon Drums


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