Seven Kingdoms Hits All the Right Notes as Evergrey’s Number Two

By Brent Michael, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: The Orpheum, Tampa, Florida–May 7, 2017














Seven Kingdoms is a power metal band from DeLand, Florida (about midway between Orlando and Daytona.) The band was formed in 2007 by guitarist Camden Cruz, who remains with the band and also serves as the tour manager, and vocalist Bryan Edwards, after they parted with their previous band. The band has shifted lineups repeatedly, and currently includes original members Cruz, guitarist Kevin Byrd, drummer Keith Byrd, and newer members vocalist Sabrina Valentine Cruz (2009) and bassist Aaron Sluss (2010) Cruz also organized Florida Powerfest II, in 2010.

So what can you expect from a band whose name is inspired by the novels of George R. R. Martin, now much more well known as the Game of Thrones creator? Powerful, majestic, thrashing metal; themes based around fantasy battles, titles such as “The Fire is Mine,” “Stargazer,” “Castles in the Snow,” “Kingslayer,” “Stormborn,” “The Bloody Meadows,” and a band that started for fun, worked hard, paid attention to the music, and is now playing their own game of thrones vying for top billing in an even more competitive world, the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms of the Metal World!

No website, except for a merchandise site, is to be found, and their Twitter feed is sparse. For the most up to date news, follow them on Facebook.


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