Brightside lays down licks at The Orpheum


By Brent Michael, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: The Orpheum, Tampa, Florida–March 30, 2017


Why aren’t we in a band together? So we became one. This was their origin story, according to Conner Holcombe (Vocals/Piano/Guitar). They were already friends, playing in local bands in Tallahassee, Florida, sitting around chatting one day, when those infamous words were spoken, and a short time later, it became the reality that is Brightside. Connor shares vocal duties  and the band really does share  with frontman Jake Long (Vocals/Guitar). Will Dunaway (Bass/Vocals) supplies mostly backup vocals and of course a unique bass line, while Dillon Jordan (Guitar, Tongue) flirts with the crowd and lays down the licks and Cory Clark (Drums) concentrates on keeping the band to the beat. All together they work as an excellent unit, and the fans were also in for an extra treat as the band hung out in the merch area for the rest of the night, the most accessible of them all. With one LP, one EP, and two singles under their belt, the band has plenty of music available to satisfy their fans, and a lot more to come!



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Brent Michael