Saint Agnes burns down the Finsbury Pub Friday night

Saint Agnes

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue:  The Finsbury Pub – Manor House-September 16, 2016

It is not the first time Saint Agnes has appeared at The Finsbury Pub.  I have been waiting for the moment to see them live as I have heard a lot about their magnificent performances. As I turned up in the venue it was easy to see I was not the only curious one who wanted to see them. The Finsbury’s room for live performances was filled not only with enthusiast fans but tons of photographers. I was not used to see this many people with pro gear in hands since this is a small venue. Actually it was a funny thing to see them lined up around the small stage, positioning in kind of a defensive formation versus the audience who – I think – barely could see any of the show. Haha.

There was something mystical about to happen. The crowd was impatient trying locating the best seat in the room to see more of the performance . The faces were a different crowd than I am used to seeing there. These people came here tonight to see something special.

I observed the stage which appeared like a theatrical set-up,  giving the atmosphere a feel of a classic rock band from the last century. Enclothed in leather, the lead vocalist in a undeniable sexy goth style, turned her back to the audience to increase the thrill of anticipation. Then bang!  The music poured like a mutiny from heavens over the humble audience. Prepared with all the necessary posing – which felt natural combined with a passionate,  unworldly performance–it was a pure joy to see how the music became almost visible. Sometimes it felt like the stage itself was too small for these great underground giants of rock and roll. They played on a hi-key level right from the first move, and kept going like that until symbolically dying at the end, as every good band would do. Now, as I listen back their tracks on Soundcloud,  I can recall the terrific presentation which brought their music to life.

I was looking forward to a special Friday night with Saint Agnes and I have to say I got even more! They let the music possess their souls until the end of the gig. Such a liquid harmony connected them together that I sometimes found myself just staring at them while I forgot to take photos and observed the really mesmerizing witnessing that hypnotic chemistry between them.

This is the band you have to see before you die at least once. Their psychedelic writhe rock and roll gives the feel, every little piece of sound was preciously designed with extreme caution and attention to detail.

Saint Agnes that night “did Led Zeppelin”, as my brother said, who is a Led Zep fan! Thank you for a wonderful night and hoping to see you again very soon!

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