Mutoid Man in Grand Rapids, Michigan: infectious heavy metal and humor

By Haintso Rakouth, Rock At Night Detroit Correspondent

Venue: Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, Michigan-September 13, 2016

mutoid-man-fall-tourIt’s pretty exciting when one of your favorite bands start their Fall tour right in Michigan. I traveled to Grand Rapids to see the incredible Mutoid Man at the Pyramid Scheme, which I consider to be one of the best venues in Michigan.I think I drove some people crazy for the past few months on how excited I was seeing for the first time Mutoid Man. I think they might have gained some new fans as well 🙂

Mutoid Man is composed of Stephen Brodsky (Cave In), Ben Koller (Converge) and Nick Cageao. Their music can be described has a combination of metal and heavy rock put into a one big pot. With the addition of the incredible vocals of Stephen Brodsky– you have Mutoid Man. This is what makes Mutoid Man stand out. Not too many bands can nail people various genre of music without messing it up, but Mutoid Man nails on this part.

MM opened with a twenty second of Prince’s “Purple Rain”. They nailed this fast little heavy metal cover. Mutoid Man played some of fan’s favorites such as “Bridgeburner”, “Dead Dreams” (my favorite song on Bleeder), and Friday the 13/8.

The band shared with us three new songs, that made me ask “when are they coming out with another album?”  after hearing these beautiful heavy songs.

One thing you will see at a Mutoid Man is the huge amount of interaction with the audience. Brodsky made the audience sing along to “Sweet Ivy” from the album Bleeder  and “Gnarcissist” on their first album’ Helium Head. The response was loud, and some people were able to hit some of the notes on “Sweet Ivy”.  Another reaction  I had with Mutoid Man is how funny and silly they are. I’ve never been to a show in a long time, where everyone is either smiling or laughing a lot.

So if you want to have a good time, laugh with your friends, and be amazed by the crossover of music that Mutoid Man, don’t miss them. You won’t regret it.

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Mutoid Man performing “Bridgeburner” at Sound City


My favorite Mutoid Man live video of them at Saint Vitus Bar, New York


Mutoid Man Plays “She’s a Lady” On The Subway






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