Obituary and Exodus prove old-school metal is not dead


By Haintso Rakouth, Rock At Night Detroit

Venue: Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan–September 26, 2017


Grand Rapids is home to some of the greatest music venues in Michigan. Florida’s old school death metal band, Obituary, played at the Intersection in Grand Rapids on September 26th 2017. The Intersection is located right in downtown Grand Rapids, which has a lot of great restaurants as well an amazing brewery (Founders Brewery!) The Intersection is a medium-sized music venue with good lighting and great sound. It is always a pleasure to be there!

I was looking forward to seeing Obituary. They always put on a great show, as always. The last time I saw Obituary, they played a few blocks down the Intersection at the Pyramid Scheme.


Obituary is on tour supporting their latest album, the self-titled Obituary. Right when Obituary opened their set with “Redneck Stomp”, the crowd started headbanging. “Redneck Stomp” is  a three minute song of pure heaviness. Obituary played some songs that got some people in a circle pit such as “Brave” from their self-titled album. Of course Obituary played some fans’ favorites such as “Chopped in Half” and “Slowly We Rot”.

If you into heavy metal music and never heard of Obituary, I highly recommend going see them live.

Bay Area Thrash metal pioneers, Exodus closed the show with songs from one of the best thrash metal albums ever made Bonded By Blood. Singer, Steven Souza of Exodus gave a shout out to those that have been a fan of Exodus since 1986. The crowd was diverse and it was great to be around people that have been into the scene since it started.


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