Twilight Force’s ‘Heroes Of Mighty Magic’ Injects Symphonic Euphoria

By Steven Neff, Rock At Night Melbourne Correspondent

REVIEW: Twilight Force’s album Heroes of Mighty Magic (Released August 26, 2016)

Twilight Force’s label debut [via Nuclear Blast] of Heroes Of Mighty Magic is a plethora of winning tracks that will send you into high speed symphonic euphoria and satisfy even the most discreet of cinematic power metal connoisseurs. But isn’t that what good music is supposed to do anyway?

While Heroes Of Mighty Magic is the Swedish band’s debut album for Nuclear Blast, this is their sophomore album that follows up their well-received Tales of Ancient Prophecies which subsequently garnered the attention of Nuclear Blast who then signed them.

Their genre is known as Adventure Metal, but they could easily fall under various genre creations such as “Fantasy Metal”, “Climactic Metal”, “Symphonic Heroes Metal”, “Dream Metal”, “Mythical Metal”, Cinematic Imagination Metal”, Epic Soundtrack Metal, etc. You get the idea right?

The album is intense in its entirety, while maintaining a well-balanced mixture of symphonic beauty and memorable orchestral arrangements, which causes the listener to journey to a fantasy realm where they’re treated to what sounds like a film score, each and every track. For this writer, Twilight Force successfully helped me escape the noise of everyday life and venture into a land of musical wonder. The album drives the imagination to create the visual images of the lyrics.

Their cinematic and intensive metal approach is both fresh and uplifting. With its relentless drum work, blistering guitars, and stellar vocals, this latest effort by Twilight Force will be a welcome addition to your album collection. At the end of the day, you can’t give Twilight Force’s Heroes Of Mighty Magic a bad review. Its fast pace, good energy feel will keep you coming back, again and again. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this group extending their sphere of influence into the realms of rock metal musicals with the impressive work they’ve managed to produce.

For those of you who have fallen into a metal slump as of late, go get Twilight Force’s Heroes Of Mighty Magic and you’ll get everything and then some from these Knights of the Metal Round Table. Highly recommended.

Heroes Of Mighty Magic Track listing:


  1. Battle Of Arcane Might
    02. Powerwind
    03. Guardian Of The Seas
    04. Flight Of The Sapphire Dragon
    05. There And Back Again (feat. Fabio Lione/Rhapsody Of Fire)
    06. Riders Of The Dawn
    07. Keepers Of Fate
    08. Rise Of A Hero
    09. To The Stars
    10. Heroes Of Mighty Magic (feat. Joakim Brodén/Sabaton)
    11. Epilogue
    12. Knights Of Twilight’s Might


 Rise Of A Hero (Orchestral Version)

  1. Flight Of The Sapphire Dragon (Orchestal Version)
  2. Heroes Of Mighty Magic (Orchestral Version)
  3. Battle Of Arcane Might (Karaoke Version)
  4. There And Back Again (Short Version)
  5. Powerwind (Chip Version)


Twilight Force 2

Band Line-up

Chrileon -Vocals, guitars


Lynd-Lead guitars, lute


Blackwald-Keyboards, piano, violin










Steven Neff