Pitbull’s ‘The Bad Man Tour’: one fun Latin dance party


By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Amelie Arena, Tampa, Florida–July 30, 2016–Pitbull’s The Bad Man Tour with Prince Royal and Farruko

Rock At Night was happy to attend Pitbull’s The Bad Man Tour last night at the Amelie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect as this was my first time seeing Pitbull. Was his music Rap? Pop? Dance? I was in for a big surprise because the concert was like a Latin disco! The arena was jam-packed with a lot of women dressed in high heels and nightclub attire for what turn out to be the hottest dance party in town. There were a lot of guys in the audience, too, but I’d say more women than men.

As some readers might know photographers only get to sample the action while working in the photo pit-and boy, the arena was electric. There were plenty of people holding flags from Puerto Rico and Venezuela, waving them proudly in the air. In fact, we were trying to get through the crowd of people posing with flags just to get to the stage. There was plenty of selfie-action as well going on throughout the evening.

The first band up was the artist known as Farruko, who definitely set the crowd in a party mood. He was backed by women dressed in black and handkerchiefs over their mouths. People were standing and dancing as he worked the crowd, pacing back and forth on stage. The music was uptempo and fun.

Next up was the artist known as Prince Royce who had a full entourage of sexy dancers who were working up a sweat, I’m sure. Prince Royce definitely has charisma and by this time in the evening, nobody was sitting. I don’t think one can attend The Bad Man Tour expecting to sit down and watch a show. This evening was one of those nights where the girls get together, singalong with every song, and bust-a-move.

After a little break with a DJ, the party was still going when Armando Christian Pérez AKA Pitbull was ready to enter the stage. First, there were videos telling the story behind the rise of this first generation Cuban-American who was raised in Miami and rose to be one of the most successful dance/club, Latin music artists in the industry. He came out looking rico suave, very sharply dressed in a dark grey suit and wearing cool aviator shades. There were plenty of sexy dancing girls-really beautiful, I might add-that were bumping, grinding, and bending over to the beat of Pitbull’s catchy and danceable music. The atmosphere really brought me back to my nightclub days in Miami and Caracas, the kind of places that rival the best bachelor party destinations in North Carolina and the kind of days that never seemed to end.

Overall, the entertainment, the back-up musicians, and the production were top notch. The show was fun, Fun FUN with a capital “F”.

Check out the photo gallery and you’ll see why Pitbull is one lucky man!

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Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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