Wolf Alice returns to the city that gave them Brotherly Love

Wolf Alice

By Andrea Ramirez-Maciolek, Rock At Night Philadelphia Correspondent

Venue: Union Transfer, Philadelphia-April 1, 2016

Wolf Alice returned to the city that gave them their major breakthrough here in the US in support of their album My Love is Cool. There is no city like the city of Philadelphia when it comes to welcoming new bands with open arms. Hey, they don’t call us the City of Brotherly Love for nothing! Here in Philly, we take pride in our music scene. Philadelphia has always been in the forefront of music. We serve as ambassadors of music abroad and turn bands  into national sensations.

Wolf Alice is a four piece band from London and includes front woman Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie (guitar), Theo Ellis (bass), and Joel Amey (drums). Filling in for Theo on bass for the night was Keith Murray of We are Scientists. Wolf Alice brings the female fronted 90’s grunge sound back to life. Ellie has the heavy edge of Tracy Bonham, and the delicate softness of Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. While Ellie takes the microphone with her mysterious, mellow stance as her face is hidden behind her hair enchanting us with her wispy vocals, guitarist Joff is energetically on fire  rocking around the stage and leaning over the crowd pumping them up.

Wolf Alice opened the night with an intro followed by “Your Loves Whore”. A crowd favorite, “You’re a Germ” was next as arms went up in the air to the beat of the chorus. During the song “Moaning Lisa Smile”, a song which granted them a Grammy nomination this year, the band brought up a few excited fans as they enjoyed dancing around the stage. I know I would be in heaven myself dancing to one of my favorite songs on stage with no other than the band itself. Naturally it was time for the encore teaser as everyone shouted for the band to come back. Wolf Alice came back with a dynamic final three song ending and closing the night with the song “Giant Peach”. Over all it was a memorable night as the Wolf Alice sound brought me back to the height of my teenage music years, which at the time, was filled with amazing female fronted grunge rock bands. I am extremely satisfied that the sound I grew up listening to is still alive.


  1. New Intro
  1. Your Loves Whore
  1. You’re a Germ
  1. Freazy
  1. Bros
  1. Lisbon 
  1. 90 Mile Beach
  1. Silk
  1. The Wonderwhy
  1. Storms 
  1. Swallowtail
  1. Fluffy
  1. She 
  1. Moaning Lisa Smile
  1. Turn to Dust
  1. Blush 
  1. Giant Peach









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