Slayer brings thrash mayhem to the Fillmore in Philadelphia

By Andrea Ramirez-Maciolek-Rock At Night Philadelphia Correspondent

Venue: The Fillmore-Philadelphia-March 3, 2016–SLAYER with Carcass and Testament

The juxtaposition of raw power  and pretty crystal chandeliers somehow paved the way to the awesome thrash madness of Slayer’s sold out Fillmore show in Philadelphia. Anxious fans of all ages waited with anticipation in front of a white curtain stamped with the recognizable Slayer logo. From behind the curtain, the band took the stage. With screaming  fans cheering, the curtain came down to unleash the energy that only 30 years in the making can make possible. Slayer are expert veterans in the field of music and they definitely have not lost their momentum. They are an unstoppable music force gaining younger fans along away. It is safe to say that Slayer will have a lasting impression in music history for generations  to come. They are iconic music legends that have made a lasting impression, a band in which new thrash bands are influenced by.

Opening up with the song “Repentless” Slayer unleashed music mayhem. Slayer is in the midst of their North American tour in support of their 12th album release Repentless.  Although the stage theatrics were toned down from their last tour which featured live pyrotechnics, this time around they packed a bigger punch where it should be–and that is in their music.

Slayer consists of band members Tom Araya (vocals), Kerry King (guitar), Gary Holt (guitars), and Paul Bostaph (drums). If there was one thing missing from a perfect night, it was definitely  the absence of former band member Jeff Hanneman, who passed away in 2013. Replacing Jeff on guitar is  Gary Holt who originally hails from the band Exodus. Gary did not disappoint as he impressed us with his guitar prowess with no other than a guitar embellished with intricate artwork made using his own blood as paint.

Supporting the band on tour this year are opening acts Carcass, and Testament; two bands that meld perfectly together adding to the success of Slayer’s tour. I do admit that  I was a little bit afraid as to what to expect from the crowd after hearing about this power packed trinity on tour. I grew up listening to Slayer in my teenage years in the 80s and I was not sure if at my age I could handle the crowd anymore. However, I did learn one thing, once thrash metal runs in your blood it stays in your blood and when Slayer hit the stage it brought thirty years of my life back. Being upfront in the photo pit brought back memories of moshing and head banging as crowd surfers were falling on top of us.  With me being a veteran myself, I did not mind at all– and I was pleased to know that hey, maybe I’m not as old as I think. What better way to end the night than with the song “Angel of Death” from their 1986 album Reign in Blood. This was the song that started it all for me, the year I call the Year of Slayer when I first discovered them and had their posters plastered all over my wall and ceiling. The Slayer Repentless tour is a tour you have to experience as all three bands put on an adrenaline fueled performance and Slayer proves that after thirty years, they still reign in the realms of the thrash kingdom.




The Fillmore Philadelphia-March 3, 2016

“Repentless” – Official Video


Set List 



Born of Fire


God Send Death

War Ensemble

When the Stillness Comes

You Against You

Mandatory Suicide

Hate Worldwide

Chemical Warfare

Take Control

Pride in Prejudice


Seasons in the Abyss

Hell Awaits

Dead Skin Mask

World Painted Blood

South of Heaven

Raining Blood

Black Magic

Angel of Death


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