Local in the D: Wreking Crue kick’n it out at the Detroit Pub

The members of the band Wreking Crue,Matt Neil, Nikki Sikks, Crash Marz, and Toby Lee on January 23,2016 at the Detroit Pub, located in Clinton Township, MI. The band entertained the audience with cover songs from the band, Motley Crue. (Photo by: Scott Whiteman | Photos2BTold,LLC)

By Scott Whiteman, Rock At Night Detroit Correspondent

VENUE: Detroit Pub-January 23, 2016

The Detroit PubThe music may have stopped but it does not mean that songs are forgotten. We all know that Motley Crue played their last show at the end of December but their music live on with bands like tonight’s band, Detroits own Wreking Crue. They are a Motley Crue tribute band, just in case the name did not give it away. Tonight the Wreking Crue were playing at the Detroit Pub in Clinton Township, Michigan. The band is made up of Matt Neil (vocals), Nikki Sikks (bassist),Crash Marz (guitarist), Toby Lee (drummer) Precious (backing vocalist), and Cheri (backing vocalist).

As the show opened up with a Motley Crue classic,”Girls,Girls,Girls” the energy took off.The show was filled with high octane rock’n’roll energy. With the band’s front man, Matt Niel, imitating the styling and vocals of Vince Neil of Motley Crue. If you did not know better, you could swear you were at a actual Motley Crue concert.

Also playing was and Eva Under Fire, the lead singer is full of energy as she pumped up the crowd. The band is made up of Amanda Lyberg (vocalist), Rob Lyberg (guitarist), Jeff Llewellyn (bassist/vocalist), Corey Newsome (drums) and Chris Slapnix (guitar/vocalist).

Finally, on the bill was another band from Detroit known as the Neckbones. The members include Richie Neckbones, Pat Herass, Dave Willey and Kevin Chaos. This band set the pace for the whole night with nothing but high energy music.

All the band that played at the Detroit Pub were raw rock’n’roll energy and fit the bill perfectly. My hats off to Stewart Artist Management for putting this show together. If you get a chance to see any of these bands, you will not be disappointed. Below are images from the show on Saturday January 23,2016.

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