Local In The D: The Nightmare After Christmas

Members of the band Forsake The Fallen at the "Nightmare After Christmas" on December 26,2015. The venue for the event was at the Diesel Lounge, located in New Baltimore, MI. (Photo taken by: Scott Whiteman | Photos2BTold LLC)

By Scott Whiteman, Rock At Night Detroit Correspondent

Diesel LoungeDiesel Lounge: New Baltimore,MI- Well the presents have been unwrapped, the Christmas dinner has been eaten and it was time to figure out what to do for the rest of the weekend. In the Detroit metro area, it is time to rock the weekend with some of Detroit’s bands at the Diesel Lounge in New Baltimore, Michigan

At Diesel Lounge, the Saturday night event was “The Nightmare after Christmas”. To my knowledge, this is the second year the Diesel Lounge has hosted the event. The lineup included bands from the Detroit metro area. Such as For We Are Many, Beauty In Failure, Echoes In Black, Though Our Eyes, As Darkness Falls and the headliner Forsake The Fallen.

For We Are Many opened the show, getting Diesel Lounge warmed up for the bands that were on the ticket. The crowd loved the performance of the band, with people rushing the stage. The band from Dearborn is comprised of Jimmy Bennett, Johnpaul Vega, Nathan Tabor, and Emilio Flores.

However, on a side note, I am not sure but it seemed as though the crowd was mixed with proud parents supporting the band, For We Are Many, because there seemed to be more cameras videotaping the band’s performances than a typical night.

Beauty in Failure was next to hit the stage. They were rocking the stage, getting the crowd reenergized after the small break. The band is made up of Brett Dowdican (vocalist), Jamie Brady (drummer), Mike Landy (guitarist) and James Cormier (bassist).

Echoes in Black was next to hit the stage and to take things up a notch. The band is a metal cover band, and tonight’s gig covered songs from Iron Maiden, Slayer and including the mighty Metallica’s Master of Puppets. Echoes in Black are from Lapeer, Michigan and its members consist of Jason Oettel (lead guitarist / vocalist) Brian Walters (drummer), Rob Coombs (bassist / vocalist) and Brett Becker (rhythm guitarist).

Through Our Eyes took the stage. They played a mixture of original music and covers, including Metallica’s “Fade to Black”, to get everyone going. The band even treated the crowd with two new songs on of them entitled “What Lies Ahead”. The band is from Detroit and consists of Adam Ioppolo (drummer), Annette Bilek (vocalist), Kelly Tucker (guitarist), Mark Bilek (guitarist / vocalist) and Nick Ryan (bassist).

As Darkness Falls was the last opener band before the headlining band, Forsake the Fallen, hit the stage. The band was full of energy metal and did some major rocking, despite the fact that the lead singer was not feeling good because of some bad pizza. As Darkness Falls are from Detroit, Michigan and is made up of Scott Lushka (lead guitarist), Mike “Reddog” Mentzer (rhythm guitar), Ryan Kelley (bassist), Chris Duggan (drummer), and Greg Stevens vocalist).

Forsake the Fallen had the Diesel Lounge in the palm of their hand. Playing songs from their current album Broken World and one or two new tunes from their upcoming album called “Wash Away”. This is the last show for around here for a while, because the band will be hitting the road in January with The Order of Elijah. Forsake the Fallen are from Westland, Michigan and the members include Zak Marzouq (guitarist / lead vocalist), Joe Santangelo (guitar / vocalist), Jordan Marzouq (bassist / vocalist) and Corey Maxwell (drummer).

Below are images from the Concert at Diesel Lounge. The images were taken on December 26,2015

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