Finger Eleven bring their Fall of the Hammer tour to Hamilton’s Molson Canadian Studio

Carey Langsner, Ontario Correspondent

Venue: Molson Canadian Studio, Hamilton, Ontario-November 10, 2015–Finger Eleven with support by Head of the Herd

Finger Eleven is a Canadian rock band from Burlington, Ontario, formed in 1989. They have released seven total studio albums (six as Finger Eleven and one as Rainbow Butt Monkeys). Their 2007 album, Them vs. You vs. Me, launched the single “Paralyzer“, which went on to top charts including the Canadian Hot 100 and both US rock charts, as well as reaching No. 6 on the US Hot 100 and No. 12 on the Australian Singles Chart.  Once known as Rainbow Butt Monkeys, they even released their first album under this name, are back with a new album entitled Five Crooked Lines.

Head of the Herd opened the show for Finger Eleven and the band is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  They drew their set mostly from their last two albums. It was really no surprise to see Head of the Herd touring with Finger Eleven as Rick Jackett and James Black had been involved in the making of the recording of the album “By This Time Tomorrow”.

Even with this show being pretty much a home town show (they are from 15 minutes down the highway), with it being a Tuesday night the crowd was light at about 60 percent capacity. As Finger Eleven took to the stage you could tell right away that would not matter to them. James and Rick would lead the way with their energetic head banging, foot-stomping, and over the top stage manners. Behind the drum kit, Steve along with Scott on the bass, provided a great rhythm section. With Scott Anderson front and center, his vocals, hand and facial expressions he had the audience following his every movement throughout the entire night.

You could tell by the amount of energy coming from all the band members that these guys would be happy playing in front of 200 or 20,000 people, there is no doubt they love playing music for whoever will listen. From the very first note all the way through the end of the last note of their biggest hit, Paralyzer, Finger Eleven had the crowd on their feet singing and dancing.

The new album, Five Crooked Lines, has a nice raw sound, which was the goal for the band.  If you have never heard Finger Eleven, or seen them live, you need to get their new CD and to their next concert. You won’t be disappointed.

The five current members of Finger Eleven are;

Scott Anderson – lead vocals (1989–present); James Black – lead guitar, background vocals (1989–present); Rick Jackett – rhythm guitar (1989–present); Sean Anderson – bass (1989–present); Steve Molella – drums (2104 –present).


Finger Eleven


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Finger Eleven in Hamilton, Ontario


Head of the Herd in Hamilton, Ontario