Kickin Valentina Twisting It Up at The Detroit Pub

By Scott Whiteman, Detroit Correspondent

The Kickin Valentina tour stopped off at the Detroit Pub to kick up the jams with special guest Soul Stealer, Jackstand, Rolling Blue and Pure Price.

Venue: Detroit Pub, Detroit–September 4, 2015

On September 4, 2015 the Detroit Pub, in Clinton Township, Michigan, was host Atlanta, Georgia based recording artist Kickin Valentina. Their members include Joe Edwards (Vocals), Heber Pampillon (Guitarist), Chris Taylor (Bassist), and Jimmy Berdine (Drummer). With them playing tunes from their new album “Super Atomic”, they were playing with rock’n‘roll attitude.

Also on the bill was JackStand, Soul Stealer, Rolling Blue and Pure Price.

Jackstand calls their hometown is Livonia, Michigan and their sound is “straight up rock’n’roll with a twist”. The band was formed by founding members Danny and John whom took some time off from the music scene and decided to start again. Later the founding members were joined by Brad and Kent.

Soul Stealer is a  cover band from Michigan that cover many different songs such as Megadeth and Van Halen.

Rolling Blue formed in 2014 and is based out of Detroit, Michigan. Their current members include Joey Worrall (Guitarist / Vocalist), Brianna Ray (Drummer) and the newest member Kyle Mikolajczyk (Bassist).

Pure Price home town is Royal Oak, Michigan. Their current members include Jeff Ehrinpreis (Electri Cello / Slide Guitar), Joshua Bartolomeo (Bassist), Alex Hall (Drummer) and Alex Waler (Singer).

Below are images from the performance of Kickin Valentina, JackStand, Rolling Blue and Soul Stealer at the Detroit Pub on September 4, 2015.


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