The Gulf Region’s Traveling Troubadour, Drew Landry

By Anita Stewart, Tampa Correspondent

Album review: Drew Landry’s American Touring Musician–Songs & Stories from the Road

Drew Landry_American Touring MusicianFolk, Rock, Country, Bayou Blues, Just What Genre Is It?

I just took a listen to Drew Landry’s latest recording, American Touring Musician.  This is great music! While reviewing the album, I did not hear a track I didn’t like.

Drew Landry is definitely the Gulf Region’s traveling troubadour and musical story-teller. One of his specialties besides his blend of genres and his use of very vivid lyrics to tell his stories is how he offers up his music for political activism.

He made headlines in 2010 when he sang his song “BP Blues” as part of his testimony to the President’s Oil Spill Commission. Read about that here.

He has been working on multiple projects, traveling and playing ever since.

In April of 2015 he was involved in a catastrophic accident with an 18 wheeler and only by a miracle survived it. He had surgery and is now undergoing recuperation and therapy and is on the long winding road back. A few weeks after the accident he was already been sitting up and singing and playing again. He has just recently started appearing at live music venues again.

_DSC0613-1Some Of The Songs From American Touring Musician

Highway Song

Slow song filled with angst, mourning, rambling, a love song…starts out folky and goes electric.


Beginning is Backwater Bayou Blues with harmonica, acoustic picking and turns electric with a driving beat, heavy drums/percussion.

Wiffle Dawg

Bayou Blues complete with beautiful guitar and a harmonica melody. A sad song about love between a guy and a girl — and a dawg!

Lil Sister

Driving rock song, great guitar riffs.

BP Blues

Drew’s own bio blended with his activism for the health of the Gulf of Mexico after the Gulf Oil Spill and Corexit (Dispersant) use and the human and economic impacts. A moderate tempo country rock song.

Shoulder to Cry On

Country/Rock song with a steady beat, guitar riffs and catchy hook.

Veteran’s Drive

A story about Veterans, folk song with beautiful guitar harmonies and harmonica.


Unplugged love song. A mix of strings create a background for beautiful, heartfelt lyrics.


In the meantime, Drew Landry needs help. If you can donate, check out his GoFundMe page.  Also, you can pre-order Drew’s latest album for a $20 donation through the GoFundMe page.

Check out his site too!

“BP Blues”





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