Dutch indie duo Blackbox Red on the rise in Europe

By Rick Slagter, Groningen, The Netherlands

2015-03-27 BBRed 00 wmSomewhere in the outskirts in Groningen, The Netherlands, is a small vacant commercial building. This is where the underground venue ‘Lepel Concerts’ is located, which hosts various kinds of alternative music. The atmosphere is chill, the public is a mix from students, creatives, musicians, alternatives.

On Friday, March 27th, Blackbox Red performed at Lepel Concerts in a line-up of three bands. That was pretty special, because this Dutch duo, which consists of a female guitarist/singer and a male drummer, is a fast rising star, not only in The Netherlands, but also in Europe.

Blackbox Red is a noisy synonym for “energy.” The grungy music is loud, seductive and danceable. The band released in 2013 the album The Gunner and the Ghost which has received very favorable reviews. The band has performed concerts outside of the The Netherlands, including Great Britain, Germany and Denmark.

In January 2015, Blackbox Red released their EP Beak to Beak. Before the show, Rock At Night interviewed the lead singer Eva. “Our intention for 2015, “she said with a smile, “is to do more concerts outside of The Netherlands.”

She indicated they are planning their upcoming tour and one of the countries they intend to visit is Spain.  Additionally, they would like to tour other countries in Southern Europe.

Keep an eye on Blackbox Red because this band is definitely going places!


Blackbox Red is Eva van Netten (guitar, synth, lead vocals) and Stefan Woudstra (drums, vocals)










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