Blue Meridian’s 20th Year Reunion Show with Friends and Special Guests, Elevators

By Anita Stewart

Donovan Lyman of Blue Meridian
Donovan Lyman of Blue Meridian


Rock at Night was glad to be on hand in beautiful downtown Orlando’s, The Social to check out this show on Friday, December 26th, 2014. The vibes were awesome and the music was great! Blue Meridian’s Donovan Lyman returned to Orlando and reunited with one of the original members of the band, Manny Rivera, and friends Kenny Beaumont of the band Cider and Erik Lievano of the World. Friends and family came to join in the fun evening. Blue Meridian played music from their older albums and had the crowd grooving, dancing and singing along.

Rock at Night got to interview Donovan Lyman, the original leader of the band and main songwriter who is now living in Los Angeles; he gave us a brief history of the band, described the old music, his move to California, his travels through Europe and filled us in on his more recent music and what he is doing now. Read that interview HERE

Donovan Lyman of Blue Meridian
Donovan Lyman of Blue Meridian

Rock at Night also got to speak with Manny Rivera, the lead guitarist on Blue Meridian’s first three albums, about the reunion. He told us how he felt about getting together with the band for this gig, why he did not join the exodus out west and about his new music with the local band, Halo Milo. Listen to the interview BELOW:

Blue Meridian
Blue Meridian: Photo by Anita Stewart

John Terry, a personal friend of Donovan Lyman’s and previously an entertainment writer for the Orlando Sentinel spoke to Rock at Night about the emerging music scene in Orlando in the 90’s, about old and new trends and genres, Orlando venues, Blue Meridian’s rapid rise and nostalgic memories of the band’s beginnings. Listen to the interview BELOW:




Elevators band at The Social, Orlando: Photo by Anita Stewart.

Fresh faces and just beginning to emerge on the music scene in Orlando are Elevators (not “THE Elevators”). Comprised of two brothers, Ryan and Matt McIntire on guitar and drums respectively, Andy Wabbe on bass with one of those brothers married to Niki, the band’s headliner, their music is a power-thumping, high energy mix of pop, punk and garage rock, guaranteed to get you out of your seat! Listen to the interview BELOW:


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