Tommy Don’t Lose That Number…

A guy that I used to play softball with back in my home town of Buffalo, New York Thom Reinhart, was the original drummer for Spyro Gyra.  Thom Reinhart also was playing in a band in a huge dance club in a suburb of Buffalo, on one occasion when none other than Phil Collins of Genesis happened to be there and catch the show.    Phil approached Tom and told him… “You play my stuff better than I do, CALL ME…”   and gave Tom his card.   As luck would have it, Tom lost the card.   What might have been?  Tom Rienhart still plays with bands in Buffalo and is well known there as one of the best drummers around.  He often plays with an absolutely killer guitarist named George Puleo at the Central Park Grill which is a famous music bar on Main Street in Buffalo.  You can find videos of these guys on YouTube (Bands…Gamalon and Haiku).  Russ     George Puleo Ted Reinhart circa 1990

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