Print Edition-FALL 2022-The FESTIVAL Issue


Our FESTIVAL issue focuses on music festivals–historical and today.  Take a photographic journey through 2022’s festivals in the US, UK, and EU.  We even look at the DARK side of festivals. Remember, we are always edgy and always indie.

Check out interviews with Hi-Tide Recordings, a surf music label in New Jersey plus Florida surf rockabilly band the PATINA TURNERS. We also have an enlightening interview with Michigan band SLOWFOOT. Other mentions in the issue includes Thunder Mother, The Dev, The Kite Collectors, Cyadine, Van Go Go, Bomb Cats, Abigail Fierce, The Blitzers, ON, Toeheads, New Relatives, Lola Vain, Weimar, Just Tommy, Kings County, ESQ, and much more!

Lots of beautiful photos in this issue (including the recent Blue Ridge Rock Fest) as well as  music reviews, comics, and commentaries. $10.99 now on sale for $7.99 plus shipping costs. We ship worldwide!

**Our cover features The Lady Cimorene of Phantasmagoria.


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