Chatting with Marc Andersen of Letchen Grey

Letchen Grey-Eric Asevo, Tony Ross and Marc Andersen

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Interview: Marc Andersen of Letchen Grey – January 2023

Letchen Grey – circa 1986

In 1986 rock band Letchen Grey was staple on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Think back to this time: sleaze rock, glam, and hair metal bands like Quiet Riot, Ratt, Poison, and Mötley Crüe. Letchen Grey was riding high, having released the EP Party Politics, and selling approximately 36,000 copies. At the time they were considered in the league of bands like Queensrÿche and Bon Jovi. Everything seemed to go their way until tragedy struck: the record label went bankrupt, and their new guitarist died from cancer. Letchen Grey later disbanded and the members went their separate ways.


Lo and behold, almost 40 years later, original members Marc Andersen (guitar) and Eric Asevo (bass) got together to jam which led to writing songs. Now, Letchen Grey has officially reformed with Andersen and new members Bradley Mangrum (vocals), Jeff Rey (bass), and Tony Ross (drums). A single, “Burn,” was released in 2021, and recently in 2022,  “Castaway.” Incidentally, both were produced by the band’s original producer Alan Niven (producer/manager of Guns N’ Roses).


Letchen Grey – Party Politics

Rock At Night has been intrigued with Letchen Grey since reviewing “Castaway” and hearing the band’s unique story. In the podcast, Andersen discusses what prompted the band’s reformation; the origin of the band’s name (hint: a Jethro Tull song); life between the mid-80s and the present; stories of the Sunset Strip scene, including tidbits about Gazzarri’s; working with producer Alan Niven (Guns N’ Roses, Great White) and the “The Stravinski Brothers”; and the band’s new singer, who happens to be related to Black Oak Arkansas band’s “Jim Dandy” Mangrum. At the end of the interview, you can hear Letchen Grey’s single “Burn .”Lots of fun for all 80s enthusiasts!

You can find old videos of the band on YouTube.

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Letchen Grey is led by members Mark Andersen (rhythm guitar), Eric Asevo (vocals/bass) and Tony Ross (drums).






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