Chatting with indie alt-rock musician Jaeger Wells


By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Jaeger Wells Fever Dream AnthologyRock At Night had the pleasure of chatting with indie alt-rock musician Jaeger Wells, who is currently on tour promoting his EP Fever Dream Anthology (released November 20, 2015).  I understand the EP was produced by Ace Enders of The Early November, who did a bang-up job. With Vic Chan on drums, the EP is really catchy–a cross between pop punk voicing and alt-rock accompaniment.  The lyrics are raw, honest and sometimes dark– but the beat is always positive.

I downloaded the EP from iTunes and listened to it intently while driving across Florida this week.  In the car with no distractions, I could hear the nuances in the songs–cheering and clapping, keyboard accompaniment which almost sound like violins at times, and nice, clean electric guitar strumming.  One song “Rotten Apple (Of My Eye) has almost a 50s or early-60s beat but still keeps a contemporary edge. My favorite is “Sao Paulo Liars Club” which has a great singalong melody, humorous candid lyrics, and almost a 60s Brit Invasion (Small Faces or Kinks) sound. This is just my impression–but I suggest you listen for yourself.

In the interview, Wells discusses his musical journey, the inspiration behind the EP, being a Texan transplant, his writing process,  the new band, the current tour, and upcoming plans for 2016.

Listen on iTunes

Jaeger Wells – “What It Feels Like”

Jaeger Wells – “Sao Paulo Liars Club”


Poster Jeager Wells

Fever Dream Anthology

  1. Sao Paulo Liars Club
  2. What It Feels Like
  3. For the Jilted, For the Broken
  4. Rotten Apple (Of My Eye)
  5. East Coast Ghosts


Separation Sounds (May 2014)

Fever Dream Anthology EP (November 2015)




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