Chatting with guitarist Victor Arruda of Hippies and Cowboys

Victor Arruda of Hippies and Cowboys

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Podcast Interview with Victor Arruda of Hippies and Cowboys: December 27, 2022

Victor Arruda of Hippies and Cowboys

Scrolling through TikTok on a sleepless Sunday night, I happened to see a band playing on a stage to a packed house. Hopping into the chat, I was able to find out that this was Kid Rock’s bar at 221 Broadway in Nashville and the band was Hippies and Cowboys and they had an incredible guitarist that I could not take my eyes off of. The spotlight was definitely on Brazilian-American Victor Arruda and his guitar prowess! Not only was the bar packed, but there were hundreds watching their live show on TikTok, thereby creating an additional following that was perpetually adding to the band’s fan base.

Rock at Night caught up with Victor long enough to have a chat about his hopes and dreams, the band’s use of social networks, his musical background and previous experience in tour management and sound for the renowned Paul Gilbert and future plans for him and the Hippies and Cowboys.

Rock at Night has covered this band and their latest releases (before Victor joined them); you can check those reviews out HERE and HERE. The band will drop another single on December 30th, 2022. The band is performing the New Year’s Eve show at Kid Rock’s so if you can’t get to Nashville that night, be sure to watch their TikTok LIVE! And click on the player here on this page to listen to the interview–Victor Arruda is a star in the making!

Rock At Night’s Podcast Channel–Listen to the iTunes Audio Interview Here   or   Google Podcast


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