Review: Dion Smith’s cover of Gary Moore’s ‘The Loner’

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Dion Smith

By Mike Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England

Review: Dion Smith’s cover of Gary Moore’s “The Loner” – Release date May 3, 2024

The late Gary Moore was not just a virtuoso among guitarists but a name that should be as revered as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, etc. His influence, though not always acknowledged, was profound, and his skill with a guitar was unparalleled, leaving a lasting impact on the music world.

Dion Smith, a talented musician from the United Kingdom, has released a cover of Mr. Moore’s classic “The Loner.” This expressive and emotion-filled rendition is a testament to the profound impact of Gary Moore’s music. Listen to his tearful bends and weeping sustain, reminiscent of Moore’s iconic playing, and you will feel the same passion that transpires in both versions by Moore and Smith, respectfully. Kudos to Mr. Smith for such an inspiring and beautiful tribute to an artist who left us much too soon.

Dion Smith’s efforts, which continue to honor the memories of legendary musicians like Gary Moore, preserve their legacy and inspire the next generation of music lovers.


“The Loner” (Gary Moore Cover Version). From the “Wild Frontier” album 1987

Recorded and Mixed by Dion Smith. Guitars, Bass and Synths by Dion Smith.

Drums performed by Rodrigo Oliveira. Mastered by Steve Street Mastering.

Video shot by Paula Smith at Reverb Photography.







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