Review: The Anti Groupies’ single ‘Read The Room’

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Anti Groupies.Photo by Jack Lue.
By Michael Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England
Review: The Anti Groupies’ single “Read The Room” – Release date January 25, 2024

At first glance, Cassidy Fleeman of the all-female rock band The Anti Groupies reminds me of such female artists as Deborah Harry and Chrissie Hynde (who happens to be my favorite female rocker of all time). Seemingly rebellious with an attitude to match, Cassidy isn’t walking on her tiptoes and is ready to confront anyone who feels that women rockers aren’t as powerful and hard-rocking as their male counterparts. The band’s name came as a result of an experience that she had when she was going to one of her first gigs and the bouncer wouldn’t let her inside the gig because he told her ‘that groupies weren’t allowed in yet’ and didn’t believe that she was in one of the bands.

Accompanying Cassidy is Isabella Broersma on guitar, Sydney Moore on bass, and Kyla Foster on drums. Hailing from California, the Anti Groupies began in 2021 and, with the help of producer Matt McJunkins, have just released their newest single, “Read The Room.” The lyrics tell you everything you need to know about the band’s mindset. Simply put, they are not fooling around. The instrumentation is equally as fierce, with a driving beat and electrifying guitar solo that grab your attention from the start.

Overall, “Read The Room” is a stellar track showcasing Anti Groupie’s talent and commitment to making thought-provoking music that keeps the memories and traditions of punk and new-wave music alive.

The group is composed of members Kyla (Drums), Sydney (Bass), Cassidy (Guitar/Vocals) and Bella (Guitar). For 2024, expect a growing list of live shows from The Anti-Groupies as they finish writing music for their next release. The girls will enter the studio in February with producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Dial-7, Fiona Apple, Centershift etc). Learn more about The Anti-Groupies on Instagram.




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