Kristoffer Gildenlöw releases new album EMPTY on February 8

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By Rosine Alleva -Rock At Night EU Editor

Kristoffer Gildenlöw was born in Sweden and started playing instruments at an early age. Later in school he played in different hard rock bands. After joining his brothers band Pain of Salvation, he moved to the Netherlands where he started playing with many bands and along his solo career since 2012, with Kayak until their farewell tour in 2022.

Kristoffer Gildenlöw

The Swedish multi-instrumentalist released four solo albums until 2021: REST, THE RAIN, HOMEBOUND, LET ME BE A GHOST. Kristoffer experiences different dynamics, being in a band, serving as a session player, and pursuing his solo career. He says that  switching between these roles is a blessing.

His brand new opus EMPTY will be his fifth one, released on February 8. 

This album, although they’re all different, marks a much more symphonic/progressive rock direction than the four others. 

Very influenced by Pink Floyd, Dire Straits or even Mike Oldfield, Kristoffer recorded most instruments and solos on this masterpiece. But, to complete the album he used a line-up of excellent musicians.

Kristoffer Gildenlöw’s wonderful deep voice, the beautiful vocal harmonies, the chosen instruments for each song, his lyrics embark you perfectly into his universe and transmit precisely where he wants to take you.

The album starts with “Time to Turn the Page”, with Kristoffer’s voice filtered and a fantastic guitar solo. “He’s Not Me” is a very profound and emotional song with Pink Floyd’s influence.

,,Down We Go’’ is a title with a beautiful melody and Kristoffer’s astonished voice, very nice harmonies and a guitar solo that really grabs the guts at the end!  For me this piece perhaps represents all the wonderful facets of this masterpiece. Goosebumps guaranteed!!! 

“End of the Run ” is also a favorite with a beautiful stringed introduction and fantastic vocal harmonies 

I love the melody in “Saturated”, with a slow bouncy rhythm, excellent backing vocals and with a touch of synthesizer added in the background. 

This album is full of the finest details,  which makes it an absolute treasure. Not to be missed for the Prog Rock fans and a great discovery for insiders into the genre! 

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