Review: Hard rock band THUNDERMOTHER’s single ‘I Left My License In the Future’


By Michael Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England

Review: Thundermother’s “I Left My License In the Future” – Release date November 3, 2023

If music isn’t the universal language, it is undoubtedly a planet Earth language. Simply put, observe the outstanding music from around our world. We can listen to so much great music from just about every country we can think of.

Let’s take Sweden’s THUNDERMOTHER, a band that any rock music fan worldwide can and should appreciate. They are quickly climbing the ladder of success, and the future is bright for this hard-rocking quartet. THUNDERMOTHER is a hard-rocking, all-female rock band from Sweden that’s been gaining recognition for their impressive musical prowess and unapologetic attitude. They’ve successfully carried the torch of classic rock into the modern era, and their music is sure to resonate with fans of hard-hitting, no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll. THUNDERMOTHER consists of members Linnea Vikström Egg (vocals), Majsan Lindberg (bass), Joan Massing (drums), and Filippa Nässil (guitar).

From the driving (pun intended)opening chords of “I Left My License In The Future,” this high-energy song comes alive thanks to some exemplary musicianship and vocals from these talented Swedish rock’n’metal queens. Produced by Danish mastermind Soren Andersen, they have also been invited to join the tours of rock legends such as Kiss and the Scorpions. THUNDERMOTHER’s musical style pays homage to classic rock and hard rock bands from the past while infusing their modern twist, ensuring they appeal to a wide range of rock enthusiasts. Powerful riffs, catchy hooks, and a relentless rhythm section characterize their music.

Be sure to check out their new video for this single on YouTube and their central European tour beginning on November 24.








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